At Ciara work and responsibilities are divided into workstations. Residents are then given their different responsibilities.

Scroll down and read about the different workstations that the residents get to deal with in their time at Ciara.


Maintenance for Guys

This is the very first and default workstation. Whenever you arrive at Ciara, this is what you do. It takes you all over the grounds and let you get to know the "lay of the land" so to speak. At Maintenance you will maintain the grounds and do all the chores. In the pictures you can see the guys doing refuge collection in Ciara's "Kalahari Ferrari" and one of the residents raking leaves on the grass. The guys will clean the facilities and basically take care of anything that needs to get done.



Housekeeping for the Girls

For the girls its the same story, yet a bit different. The girls join the housekeeping team and work to keep the B&B and offices up to a high standard. There is also a bit of ironing to do! Everything needs to be spick and span for the guests and the residents throughout the year, so the team is always busy. Thanks ladies! 




Pub and Grub

This workstation only has a few openings and you could only join after your first 6 weeks here. Here your responsibilities would range from working with cash, a bit of waitering and of course serving customers from behind the bar. Should you sit at the bar, the tables (inside or outside), you could have a cold one here on a hot day or grab a bite to eat if you feel a bit thin! Next to the Pub & Grub there are animals for the kids to see or a play area to keep them entertained. 







Water Technicians

When you are in the "Water-Tech-Team", your duty will be to make sure that the water-works function. That includes everything from fresh water supply to taps, showers and toilets, to basic plumbing and sewage services. The kitchen and bar are also is a high priorities to keep functioning. You will even look after all the fountains and their pumps as one could see in the first picture.




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Shop, Post-Office and Bottle Store

The name above pretty much sums it up! In here you serve fellow residents and also members of the public. This little shop has all the basics you need from coffee, sweets and  ice-creams to soaps and washing powder. You may even find second-hand clothes from time to time. The shopkeeper would also serve in the little post-office. In the bottle store you could get anything from beer and wine to Vodka and more. 







The Kitchen

Well, this is the kitchen. Here you will help plan meals, prepare food and make all the dishes. Here the food gets prepared for the residents, staff, the guests and also the Pub. This Kitchen serves everything from breakfast till dinner, from porridge through to steaks, soup, fish, beef and pork! You will also get to wash a whole lot of dishes and pots and pans.







**  Feel free to have a look at the  "Chef's Menu for Today"  to see what the kitchen is up to  **





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