Pad Stal


Welcome to Country Kitchen Padstal in Middleton. The PadStal is situated at the entrance of Middleton Ciara next to the N9 PE highway. We sell hot and cold beverages also artworks memorabilia.

A Friendly stop-over for food to eat in a colourful environment, or to take away. A Range of tea or coffee and cakes are on offer. We also carry a range bottled and packaged foodstuff in the form of jams, sauces, pickles, marmalades, rusks, biscuits, biltong and many more homemade items. 

To add to this is a quality range of crafts from baskets to kitchenware to recycled paper products and handmade wooden kitchen items and more. We are a great venue for kiddies’ birthday parties both indoor and outdoor.

The sunflower theme is our chosen logo, to symbolize the sunny disposition of country folk in South-Africa.










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